Geminid Meteor Shower 2017

When I moved to Los Angeles to start my bachelors degree at UCLA, I was surprised by how much light there was in the sky, every single night. There were never stars to be seen, and the dimly lit parts of the UCLA campus weren't extremely dark because even at night, it still wasn't hard to see. I grew up in a part of the Bay Area where there were always stars visible at night and I'd always take a flashlight with me to throw away the trash because it was always that dark. 

Two weeks ago, I went on a late night trip to Malibu with some friends to see the Geminids. It was a clear night at Point Mugu, about 30 miles north of Santa Monica. The Geminids lit up the sky amongst the stars, fighting to shine through the glow of bright Los Angeles. I'll definitely be back, because while stargazing was nowhere near as good as Joshua Tree and Death Valley, Malibu is sure more convenient to get to!