Allen and Friends: UCLA Graduation Portraits

My goal for all grad sessions is to make a truly unique experience for each of my clients. Every individual, couple, and group of friends who books with me has unique character, and I shoot all their sessions to match them just right. This is my favorite part of grad season - everyone's at their highest energy, excited about everything, and I get to capture you at your best! My extremely personal approach, combined with my years of experience doing graduation portraits is the true Nick Lie Photography Graduation Experience. A couple years back, one of my friends recommended me a drink called "Not Your Father's Root Beer" which comes to mind now, since my sessions are "Not Your Typical Grad Session" :)

That sounded so much better in my head.

Anyways, Allen, Kevin, Frank, and Mickey are actually hilarious people, and they're way more funny than me. They were a pleasure to work with and I had a great time doing their grad portraits! Enjoy!