Alex: Music Portraits

I did a cool portrait session with Alex at UCLA a few weeks ago. We went for a clean, contemporary, and dramatic look with these. UCLA is full of popular backgrounds and buildings and I aimed to make this session unique and different, while keeping UCLA completely recognizable. It was a lot of fun!  

We started off by the Broad Art Center - my go-to place at UCLA for muted light and urban tones. The gray stairs, building, and brick flooring made for perfect clean portraits. The elliptical structure in front is especially amazing for conceptual portraits! Another perk of this location is the tall buildings and trees that surround this courtyard- the natural diffused light here beats the light in open areas of campus such as Royce during the mid afternoon when they're filled with the harsh, unflattering mid-afternoon sun. From there, we moved around campus, catching golden hour at Royce, and finishing with some dramatic environmental portraits at blue hour. 

Looking forward to doing more music portrait sessions! Enjoy the photos :)