Dalton and Nicole: UCLA Graduation Portraits

It's always great when I've got an opportunity to shoot for my friends. I spend time getting to know each of my clients when preparing for my sessions, so it's not a matter of meeting and getting to know each other - friends' sessions are always more personal to me since the memories and experiences they're reliving and celebrating are part of my life as well. Plus it helps that I've been looking forward to this session for many years; I made many jokes back in 2016 to book their session two years in advance, boy has time flown by since then! 

Dalton and Nicole are my friends and colleagues from the clarinet studio of the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, which I graduated from in 2017.  I'm reminded by all the hours we've spent together in rehearsals and classes, preparing for recitals and concerts, going to RDG Woodwinds in West Hollywood, and walking home together late at night after long days. Congratulations again!

They're a hilarious and adorable couple, and I'll let the photos speak for themselves :)