Megan and Justin: UCLA Graduation Portraits

Fun grad session with twins Megan and Justin and their cute dog Ellie all wrapped up! 

The weather in Los Angeles this spring has been dominated by cloudy days and cool temperatures. I'm thankful for the cool weather as I used my AC more than usual this summer - my office has a giant window that directly faces the afternoon sun, without any trees to provide shade. I'll be completely fine if the LA heat doesn't come anytime soon! 

I talk about clouds a lot, they don't ruin portraits session but rather give them a different flavor. Clouds diffuse the sunlight, providing smooth, soft, and even light. Direct sun creates harsher shadows and dramatic shots. My ideal weather for a grad session would be partly cloudy weather, with a clear sky at sunset. This session, we had more clouds than I would have preferred but we made it work, taking advantage of the smooth light in front of Royce Hall.

Ellie, the quiet and shy Maltese, was the star of the day. Isn't her hairdo cute?